Farida Guitars

Why Farida?

Based on decades of skilled craftsmanship, Farida guitars have become one the UK’s go-to guitar brands. Our hand-built guitars offer exceptional quality, playability and our own unique tone, so it’s no surprise they are played by some of the biggest artists, gracing some of the most famous stages across the globe.

With five star reviews and numerous awards, including Guitarist Magazine’s ‘Choice’ and ‘Gold’ Awards, the Farida experience had been repeatedly lauded by the critics.

Farida craftsmen and designers use the very latest technology to create and develop a range of guitars for seasoned professions, leisure musicians and those just starting out on their musical journey. Whichever stage you are on your music adventure, Farida guitars offer unrivalled quality.

The meaning of Farida is ‘unique’ and ‘unmatched’. This ethos will define your Farida experience.