Bombay Bicycle Club Signature Guitars

Farida Guitars

Farida A-52 JS

This very special limited edition Farida artist designed guitar was designed by Jack Steadman of Bombay Bicycle Club, one of two models designed with the band.

Limited to only twenty-five models ever made for worldwide release, each guitar is individually number stamped on the back of the headstock and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jack.

The guitar itself features the very popular Farida ‘A’ shape, small and comfortable, and is made from some of the finest solid timbers available. The soundboard is made from solid German spruce, and the back and sides from solid African mahogany, combining to create a crisp, ringing tone with a fantastic natural volume and clarity.

Jack chose several unusual design options for his model, opting for almost no finish whatsoever, just the simple open finish, resulting in a subtle, understated aesthetic and a wide, open tone un-muted by lacquer or gloss.

Jack also chose to take all unnecessary adornments off the guitar, removing strap buttons, rosette, and all fret markers apart from one simple side dot at the twelfth fret, with the result being a instrument of beautiful simplicity, with a distinctly English arts and crafts look and feel.

Farida Guitars

Farida A-62 JM

The Farida A-62 JM is one of two models created in conjunction with chart topping UK indie superstars Bombay Bicycle Club, this one designed by guitarist Jamie MacColl.

Only twenty-five of these very special guitars will ever be made, each model is individually number-stamped on the back of the headstock and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jamie.

This model is made in Farida’s superfolk ‘A’ shape, small and compact and ideal for finger-style. The guitar’s smaller size is compensated for by the A-62’s all solid construction, using some of the world’s finest tone woods to deliver a tone of great volume and definition. This guitar features a top cut from solid German spruce, and back and sides from solid African rosewood, giving a warm, even tone with a bass response remarkably pronounced for a guitar of its size.

Jamie chose a simple, understated look for his model, with side fret markers and a simple inlaid rosette of Mahogany, and for an individual touch chose the star motif on the headstock taken from the cover of their single ‘Light out, Words gone’, which he also sports as a tattoo.

Farida Guitars

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