Freddie Cowan Farida GNA TV Guitars

Farida GNA TV designed by Freddie Cowan

Farida GNA TV Deluxe

Guitarist Freddie Cowan of The Vaccines worked with the Farida design team for a year on the two versions of his signature GNA TV model. The concept was simple, to combine all Freddie’s favourite elements of his extensive collection of vintage guitars to create something truly exceptional.

The GNA TV Deluxe features a solid body inspired by a vintage Supro model given to the band by their producer Ethan Johns, cut from solid alder to give a Strat like tonal quality and resonance. A supremely versatile guitar, the GNA TV Deluxe features three Farida jazz humbuckers, with a custom wiring system devised by Freddie including a coil tap function for each pick-up.

The colour scheme alone took three months of trials to get just right, featuring a pearlescent oyster white body offset against a metallic dark blue.

Only twenty-five of these outstanding guitars will ever be made, with each model’s individual serial number appearing on the back of the headstock with a logo especially designed by Freddie. Every model also comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by Freddie.

Farida GNA TV

Farida GNA TV Professional

The second of the twin electric models designed by Freddie Cowan of The Vaccines, the GNA TV Professional features the same stunning design as its sibling Deluxe model, but with several upgraded features.

The retro body shape is a nod to the US department store models of the 1960’s, but with the added resonance of the solid alder body, which rings with a clear, natural sustain.

The GNA TV Professional model comes fitted with three Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz humbuckers, each with coil-tap option included in the custom wiring system designed by Freddie. To add to the retro chic of the model and increase its versatility even further this model also features a USA Bigsby tremolo system.

The stunningly original colour combination of pearlescent oyster white and metallic dark blue, gives this model a truly individual look and feel, a mixture of classic and contemporary features.

Only twenty-five of these guitars will ever be available for worldwide release, each coming with a Certificate of authenticity signed by Freddie.

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