Sam Halliday

With their electronic influence and guitar-driven hooks, Northern Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club feature Alex Trimble (vocals and guitar), Sam Haliday (guitar) and Kevin Baird (bass and synth). The band have released two studio albums, their platinum selling debut ‘Tourist History’ released in 2010 and the second ‘Beacon’ released in 2012.

Guitarist Sam Halliday helped Farida produce a limited edition 25 piece ‘Artist Designed’ signature guitar, the JT-60 2DCC. Featuring a super-retro body shape, reverse headstock, vintage style tremolo-bridge, P90 neck pickup and single coil pickup in the bridge. Most notably the JT-60 2DCC features an analog delay with controls built into the lower horn; an extremely rare and unique feature.

Sam Halliday talks with Farida Guitars